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                Product Details

                Thermo Lac 30-36 AF

                Thermolac 30-36 based on high performance dispersion and non-toxic & non-hazardous ingredients.

                PACKING :- 1 USG Pail | 5 USG Drum

                APPLICATIONS :- Lagging And Wrapping On A/C Ducting.

                BENEFITS :- provides protective shield to ducting for heat insulation and Anti Fungus.

                Thermo Lac 30-80 AF

                Thermolac 30-80 is water based, fire resistive, flexible, high solid vapour barrier coating.

                PACKING :- 1 USG Pail | 5 USG Drum

                APPLICATIONS :- Walls , Lagging And Wrapping On A/C Ducting ,Chilled Water Piping, Dry Concrete, Finishing Cement , Polystyrene Foam.

                BENEFITS :- Thermolac 30-80 has good water resistance and low water vapor permeance.